Company profile

Guizhou SPACE APPLIANCE CO.., China aerospace science and industry group's listed companies, "national May Day labor diploma" winner. Founded in December 30, 2001, formerly state-owned from zhaohui sunrise electrical appliance factory, electric and state is the "national May Day labor diploma" winner, China enterprise of electronic components, the Chinese market leading electronic components manufacturer, in 2007 was identified as "state-level enterprise technology center", in 2009 was identified as "national torch plan key high-tech enterprise". In July 2004, a public stock offering and listing.

Mainly engaged in high-end relay, connectors, cables and components development and production and technical service, is our country high-tech electronic components industry, one of the main enterprises of high-end product development and production. Companies across the region, ? group


Company development:

In 1968, the company formerly state-owned from zhaohui electric sunrise electrical appliance factory in guizhou province and zhunyi preparation, is mainly engaged in aerospace relay and electrical connectors and other products in the product research, development and production of 1970.

On December 30, 2001, guizhou aerospace electrical appliance co., LTD was registered.

In April 2004, the successful completion of form a complete set of China's first manned space flight test task, won the "national May Day labor diploma".

In July 2004, the public offering "aerospace electronics" A shares, and listed in shenzhen stock exchange. 1 0. 2005, complete the reform of non-tradable shares.

In 2005, the company holding subsidiary of up to four (Shanghai heng Yang company, Shanghai wake Bauer, zunyi star company, suzhou HuaZhan ?

Suzhou SPACE APPLIANCE CO.,LTD: suzhou SPACE APPLIANCE CO.,LTD registered name of suzhou HuaZhan space electric appliance co., LTD., mainly engaged in high-end electronic components in the development, production and sales, its products are used in aerospace, aviation, communication, transportation and communication, automatic control and electrical appliances, has broad market prospects. Our main customers are nokia, Ericsson, huawei, zte, etc.

Zunyi SPACE APPLIANCE CO.,LTD: registered name of zunyi star SPACE APPLIANCE CO.,LTD, mainly engaged in connectors, relays parts batch production supporting services.

ShanghaiSPACE APPLIANCE CO.,LTD: guizhou SPACE APPLIANCE CO.,LTD. Technology center branch, is mainly responsible for product development and technical services.

Taizhou SPACE APPLIANCE CO.,LTD: registered name of taizhou navigation ?